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Aahil Muslim Prince. More... 4.6 Add to fav
Aakifah Muslim Devoted, dedicated.... More... 4.4 Add to fav
Aala American She who hunts... More... 5.0 Add to fav
Aala Muslim Bounties. More... 5.0 Add to fav
Aalam Muslim World. More... --- Add to fav
Aaleahya Indian Sunshine More... 4.1 Add to fav
Aalee Muslim Sublime, high.... More... --- Add to fav
Aaleyah Arabic The greatest... More... 4.0 Add to fav
Aaleyah Muslim Exalted, highest... More... 3.4 Add to fav
Aalia Muslim Exhalted, noble.... More... --- Add to fav
Aalijah Hebrew The lord is god.... More... Add to fav
Aalim Muslim Religious scholar.... More... 3.0 Add to fav
Aalimah Muslim Scholar, authority.... More... --- Add to fav
Aaliyah Arabic Ascender More... 4.7 Add to fav
Aaliyah Hebrew Highly exalted.... More... 4.5 Add to fav
Aaliyah Muslim Tall, towering.... More... 4.0 Add to fav
Aamaal Muslim Hopes, aspirations,... More... --- Add to fav
Aamanee Muslim Good wish. More... 5.0 Add to fav
Aamil Muslim Doer, work man.... More... --- Add to fav
Aamilah Muslim Doer of (good)... More... 5.0 Add to fav
Naming after someone else . a do or a don't ?
Whether you should or shouldn’t name your child after someone else depends on your wishes completely. If you can’t agree on what to do, you can choose the middle ground by doing this with the second or third name. Or choose a name that is a derivation of the name of the person you wish to honor.
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